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Watch and learn about the things you need to know, and that others have come to learn, about the External Quality Monitoring program. These are also the things that have generated a 300% greater ROI than what the low performers do.

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“This is the Best Relationship.”

“Our customer service area has multiple vendor relationships and CRM is by far the best. It’s really the relationship that they’ve built with us and it goes beyond the ordinary and expected. Our company emphasizes a total care management philosophy – right down to our contact center. CRM has both the expertise and the personality we are looking for to be an effective partner. They do more than anticipate our needs, they help anticipate our family’s and patient’s needs.”

– Chris Lah, Cincinnati Children’s Hospital

Get over 300% greater ROI when customers grade calls versus Customer Feedback or VoC

With over 20 Years and counting, Customer Relations Metrics is the most complete and trusted Agent Performance Management VoC consultants in the contact center industry. Go live in less than 2 weeks!



“This thought-provoking webinar takes a ‘boots-on-the-ground’ look at contact center improvement, exploring the current state of so-called best practices.”

Get Ready to THRIVE

Ridiculously Easy Setup

Do you want things to be easy? Customer Relationship Metrics offers a quick, easy setup. After all, we’ve been implementing External Quality Monitoring programs for more than 20 years so we should be able to do it fast and make it easy! Once we have our kick-off meeting, within two weeks, you will be collecting customer evaluations and creating agent scorecards. It doesn’t get easier than that. Want to know what RIM and MDM are? We’ll share that during your complimentary consult.


Fit to You: From Strategy to Agent Development

Customer Relationship Metrics possesses deep subject matter expertise in designing agent development programs using the customers’ evaluation of service. In fact, we invented it! We can help you with strategy design, insights and creating your custom agent scorecards. Your Higher Performance will be customer-generated so you know you’ll be moving in the right direction. And the best thing for you is:  we can take care of it all.


Some key things to know:

  • Easy Implementation

  • No Software to Buy

  • No FTEs to hire

  • Pay Per Use

  • System Agnostic

  • Powerful Customizations

  • Managed Administration

  • Deep Subject Matter Expertise

  • Knowledge Transfer

  • Leading Practice Access

  • Free Updates

  • Multiple Program Discounts

  • Referral Discounts

  • Industry Recognition

  • Guaranteed Results


What Else? 24/7 Hosted Reporting

Need access to your reports and customer comments? Get it 24/7 with our hosted Voice of the Customer Performance Manager (VoCPM™). Create your own reports or use the more than 100 pre-built reports to convert your customer evaluations to action.


Relationships: We Love Developing them, with You and for You.

We are dedicated to relationships. When you use our service, you’ll receive the full benefit of our experience of more than 20 years serving others and your satisfaction is guaranteed!

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